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        Welcome to an inside look at my retouch portfolio. All images showcased are of my work, including the photographs. I chose these particular photographs due to variety. Here you can see the images before any edits and experience how photoshop can be a wonderful tool in bringing your stories to life. The final image is shown when you swipe left to right. To see the before image, swipe right to left.

      All of my work is done by myself with no pre-sets. Everything is done from scratch, from start to finish. If you're looking for a retoucher, I give a discount on 4 or more images. 

I offer retouch workshops and one on one courses that can be taught over Skype or in person. For more information please visit my                  page and fill out your information and I will be in touch within 48 hours..

The image above is color corrected and skin retouched. The bra marks are removed, a light source is added back to the face and hair is perfected. Tags on wedding dresses in the background have been removed.

The image above has been color corrected and enhanced. The skin has been retouched and part of the door is made more aligned with the framing of the photograph. The wrinkle on the top of the dress has been removed.

This image is one of my first portraits I have ever done when I was trying to 'level up' my retouching skills in 2013. I was working with a lower quality camera and lens and created many layers to create this dark and mysterious look.  For the final image I darkened the background and added more hanging leaves, putting emphasis on them to give more depth of field. I enhanced and corrected color, added some contour with the previously existing makeup.

This image is one of my favorites as an example of how photoshop can enhance an artistic vision and how it can bring a deeper mood. In this photo, color is darkened and brightened for a 3D effect. Skin is retouched, shadows are created, and color corrected. A light source is synthetically placed into the image and detail is added to the smoke.