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Photography means the world to me. I work with models on magazine assignments, with designers, and also people looking to work on personal projects. When I'm given the ability to do so-  I carefully pick out location, style the clothing and choose a color palette that will work within the vision. I pay attention to detail- the contrast of light and shadow, along with textures.

It's important to me to see a relationship between the subject and their environment. Posture and facial expression of a subject are important to enhance a natural or emotive, thought provoking, feel.

When you shoot with me, you aren't just hiring a photographer. You're hiring a visual artist. I'm fearless when it comes to getting the perfect shot. I'm game for rain, snow, or shine!

I shoot weddings, engagement, honeymoon, and even maternity, infants, pets and family. Before I only put editorial work on this site but now have expanded my online portfolio to share these services more broadly.

I'm available for travel.

Although my name is Jace, I chose AZALEA NEZU as my creative name because it's based on a beautiful festival and location in Japan. Just thinking of this flower festival brings me to a creative place that's calming but full of energy and life.